Website Designing & Development Course

Our website design course training offers a comprehensive and comprehensive approach to creating websites. Students will learn the fundamentals of website design, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as the principles of graphic design and best practices. Our courses provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to create engaging user experiences on the web. In addition, students will gain an understanding of the importance of search engine optimization, accessibility, and usability, and learn how to develop websites that are both visually appealing and user-friendly. With these skills, students will be able to create stunning, modern websites that are easy to use and help businesses succeed online.

5000.00      10000.00      (50% Discount)



English / Hindi


2.5 Months




Website Designing Course Syllabus

    •  HTML & HTML5 Elements and Structure
    •  Creating basic to Advance HTML
    •  HTML Tables
    •  HTML Media
    •  HTML Image
    •  HTML Froms
    •   HTML Frame
    •  HTML Div
    •  Introduction
    •  Types Of Css(Internal,Inline,External)
    •  Selectors(Tags)
    •  Use Of Class and Id with the Selectors
    •  Css Background & Color
    •  Css Text
    •  Css Font
    •  Css Border
    •  Css Padding
    • Introduction
    •  JavaScript Syntax
    •  JavaScript Files
    •  Embedding JavaScript in HTML
    •  Operators
    •  Control Structure(if else,switch,loops)
    •  Integrationg Width The Browser
    •  Dialog Box
    •  Event Handling
    •  Introduction
    •  Basic PHP Syntax
    •  Variables
    •  PHP Operators
    •  Control Structure(if else,switch,all loops)
    •  Array
    •  For Each Loop
    •  Functions
    •  Form Handling
    •  PHP include File,File Handling,File Handling
    •  PHP Session
    •  Introduction To MySQL
    •  PHP MySQL Connect To a Database
    •  MySQL Data Types
    •  MySQL Insert
    •  MySQL Select
    •  MySQL Where Clause
    •  MySQL Delete
    •  MySQL Aggregate Functions(Sum,avg,count etc)
    •  MySQL Order by and group by clause
    •  BootStrap Get
    •  BootStrap Table
    •  BootStrap Wells
    •  BootStrap Glyphicons
    •  BootStrap Bars
    •  BootStrap List Groups
    •  BootStrap Collapse
    •  BootStrap Input 2BS Input Sizeing
    •  BootStrap Grid Basic
    •  BootStrap Image
    •  BootStrap Alert
    •  BootStrap Badges/Lable
    •  BootStrap Pagination
    •  BootStrap Panels
    •  BootStrap Tabs/Pills
    •  BootStrap Media Objects
    •  BootStrap Typography
    •  BootStrap Jumbotron
    •  E-BootStrap Button Groups
    •  BootStrap Progress
    •  BootStrap Pages

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