Bootstrap Training In Indore

Bootstrap Training In Indore


This advanced digital marketing course covers all the essential components of digital marketing. The person who has completed this course becomes the digital marketer and gets ready to work on all the components of digital marketing. After the course completion, one can easily find a job or start working as a freelancer.

Key Feature

  • High Quality Modules.

  • Practical Training.
  • GDCA Certification.

  • Case Study.

Courses Modules

  • BootStrap Get
  • BootStrap Grid Basic
  • BootStrap Typography
  • BootStrap Table
  • BootStrap Image
  • BootStrap Jumbotron
  • BootStrap Wells
  • BootStrap Alert
  • E-BootStrap Button Groups
  • BootStrap Glyphicons
  • BootStrap Badges/Lable
  • BootStrap Progress
  • BootStrap Bars
  • BootStrap Pagination
  • BootStrap Pages
  • BootStrap List Groups
  • BootStrap Panels
  • BootStrap Dropdowns
  • BootStrap Collapse
  • BootStrap Tabs/Pills
  • BootStrap Forms
  • BootStrap Input 2BS Input Sizeing
  • BootStrap Media Objects
  • BootStrap Carouse